Birth Trauma Healing & Re-Framing


Have you experienced trauma at the birth of your baby? Perhaps it was a word, an action or an outcome that has you unable to shake feelings of anger, fear and sadness. You are not alone. 

Birth Trauma Healing & Re-Framing is a service tailored to your specific needs and is designed to help you walk through your birth story and come to a place of acceptance, confidence and peace. 

4 Month Journey

Meeting monthly for a healing session that typically last 3-4hrs. During these sessions we discuss your birth story, practice breathing exercises, re-frame and validate your birth story, fire ritual, time to process our session while we tend to your baby. There is "homework" for you to practice and implement each month until we see one another again. This also includes 24/7 email and phone support throughout the 4 month journey to offer support and validation. 


6 Month Journey

This journey includes everything from the above 4 month journey but continues for 6 sessions instead of 4. This is ideal for someone who feels they need more ongoing support. 


Year Long Journey

This journey includes everything from the 4/6 month journeys but continues for the full year. This journey also includes a monthly body, mind, soul realignment which includes massage, aromatherapy and a body reconnection session. This is ideal for the mom who needs someone to walk with her through her entire journey to healing.