Breastfeeding Education & Support


Jenny is a breastfeeding educator and also a breastfeeding mother herself. Coming from a nursing background Jenny also has hands on experience assisting mothers after birth with breastfeeding and implementing strategies to over come even the most difficult of breastfeeding challenges.

Jenny initiated breastfeeding only minutes after birth, overcame challenges and still has a positive breastfeeding relationship with her 26 month old.

Jenny can offer you support at any stage in your breastfeeding journey may it be in the hospital after birth, 6 weeks, 6 months or 2 years. There are different struggles at different times and Jenny can help you overcome your breastfeeding challenges with education, hands on and emotional phone/text/email support, natural remedies and the expertise to know when to refer you to someone else for eg. a tongue tie release.

Holly is working toward certification for breastfeeding education but has plenty of breastfeeding experience after breastfeeding twins and her youngest son. Holly is passionate about breastfeeding and helping moms who have a difficult start to their breastfeeding journey.


Consultation - generally during this time we will go over how to prepare for a positive breastfeeding relationship if you are pregnant, if you have had your baby already this consult with be for the assessment and initial recommendations. Usually 1-2hrs depending on your specific needs. $75 for initial consult

On-call - for example to assist you immediately after birth with initiating a positive breastfeeding relationship. Usually 2hrs and includes any support, materials and remedies you might require. $125 per visit

Scheduled Visit - for example to assist you in your home with breastfeeding at any stage for a specific difficulty or challenge ie. sore nipples, decrease in babies weight, low confidence in supply, shallow/painful latch. Usually 2hrs and tailored to your specific complaints. $60

Prenatal/Postpartum Package - includes the initial consult and education during pregnancy, on-call assistance immediately after your birth and 1-2 scheduled visits, dependent on you needs, to support you in your breastfeeding relationship. $280

Postpartum Package - include the initial consult (either prenatally or postpartum depending on your circumstances), the on-call visit if applicable and 2-3 scheduled visits, dependent on your needs, to support your breastfeeding relationship. $330 * For those who are past the birth stage and would not require the on-call visit $215

If you have questions regarding if breastfeeding support is right for you, please feel free to reach out anytime!