Maternity & Breastfeeding Apparel

Holler Creations


About Holly, the shop owner...

I started sewing young and fell in love with creating works of art. I love creating gowns for weddings and graduation.  

It wasn't until I got pregnant and had my baby that I realized that there was such a need for maternity and nursing clothing. I found breastfeeding difficult but rewarding. Having clothing that looked good and was functional made breastfeeding much more enjoyable. 

I strive to be fashion forward and to create functional clothing for my customers. I enjoy working with each individual client to create a unique garment to fit their needs.

Cedar Lily

About Cedar Lily & the Owner, Andrea...

For most women, finding the right nursing bra can be very challenging.  At Cedar Lily, we are committed to personally helping each woman find a nursing bra that fits them well and makes them feel great!  Additionally, our Babe Magnet clasps are a snap to use.  No more fiddling with flimsy plastic clasps.  You can easily open and close Babe Magnet clasps with one hand, and they will never come undone accidentally. 

Andrea is a mother of 2 girls. She struggled to find nursing bras when she was first breastfeeding.  She now and enjoys helping other moms find attractive, comfortable and affordable nursing bras without all the stress.

Helpful & FUN Children's Products

Peekaboo Chew

About the shop Owner, Colette...

As a bit of a crunchy, vegan, babywearing, eco-Mama (yep - that's a mouthful), I place a lot of importance on providing my daughter with safe, healthy, and engaging toys. Unfortunately, I found that many of the natural, eco-friendly products I'd have liked to get for my daughter frequently came with an astronomical price tag. And it shouldn't be that way. Safe and engaging teething accessories should be affordable and accessible to all Babies and Mamas everywhere.

With this in mind I started to design and build my own teething accessories and toys. And, from this I started my little stay-at-home shop, Peekaboo Chew. 

PeekabooChew is a one Mama (and one Papa) operation based on Vancouver Island, Canada. We believe all babies and Mamas deserve something safe, beautiful, and functional to help get through the adventures of teething. We are therefore proud to offer SAFE, AFFORDABLE silicone and handcrafted accessories for Babies and Mamas. We are also excited to announce that 1% of our annual profits will always be donated to in-need Mamas and Babies at local Women's Shelters.

We enjoy building custom orders. We love our accessories and we want you to be happy. Just send our shop a message.

Happy Teething :-)

Country Stitched 

About Country Stitched...

In a cozy little sewing room tucked in my country home, I have been creating and sewing (and drinking coffee!) for the past 7 years. In October 2014, Etsy became the birth place of Country Stitched. I started out making a variety of handmade, flannel designs for adults, children, pets, and even for the home. Then in early 2016, I re-branded and streamlined Country Stitched to focus on baby and children products. 

Being a momma myself to two young, busy boys, creating innovative and functional products for other Mom's is where I found my passion. I pride myself on showcasing my unique designs; taking traditional accessories and adding problem-solving features and essential elements wherever possible, that aim to make your life a little bit easier. 

I handle all aspects of the business, from sourcing and buying fabrics, sketching new designs, cutting, sewing, shipping, customer service and everything in between. Customer service is the core focus at Country Stitched. From hand signed Thank You cards, to lovingly wrapped packages, I take the time to ensure your order showcases this focus. 

You can reach me at and find all my products at

Amanda's Knotty Creations

About the shop Owner, Amanda...

I don't have kids but instead I have fur babies; 2 Great Danes and 4 cats. My family is my first love but a very close second is crocheting! I am completely self taught and have been crocheting my little heart out for the past 3 years. I have created a small business called Amanda's knotty creations. I love to see the look on peoples faces when they receive something I have made - it brings me so much joy and makes it worth all the time it takes to make something worth while.

Eat, Sleep, Drool

About Eat, Sleep, Drool and the Owner Ashlee...

My name is Ashlee and I started my home business when I was nearing the end of my maternity leave after having my son Arie. While I suffered from Postpartum Anxiety after his birth; I turned that energy into creating handmade baby items. What started with me hand sewing Bandana Bibs, two years later has turned into a full time business which I support my family with. Everyday brings a new challenge (no one told me this would be so hard!) but finding my passion has helped pull me out of my Postpartum slump, and inspired me everyday since!

All Natural Products for Mom & Babe

New Moon Tea Co.

About New Moon Tea Co...

Our farm is located at the East end of the Fraser Valley, in beautiful Chilliwack, BC. Christine and Mike started the company in 2014, with a small tea stand at the local farmers market. They now own one retail location and sell through many other stores nation wide. We pride ourselves in having the freshest organic ingredients, without having to add any flavors, color or preservatives.

A professional horticulturalist and a passion for herbs, Christine has become a herbalist creating alternative and holistic tea blends that benefit the whole body.

We are a company that prides ourselves in using only quality ingredients and supplies, while making a small footprint and using sustainable agricultural practices in our operations. Our roots are strong in our community and we are actively involved with other local artists and organizations which are dedicated to conscious awareness and quality ingredients.

We love to help our customers become more aware of how real, clean herbal teas, should, and can taste. We use ingredients that compliment each other and add flavors that bring out the best in all of the herbs. We invite you to join us in the herbal tea journey and try a cup of tea!

CoCo Bee Co.

About CoCo Bee Co. & the founder Renee...

I am a wife and mum to two amazing children, James and Poppy. Prior to Coco Bee, I had worked in the cosmetics industry. Working with skin care has taught me that natural remedies and treatments can be very effective, and are often less harmful to the skin than the average alternative.  Along with my cosmetic and aesthetics background, I am also a certified organic skincare formulator and health coach.  My education and experience in this field has given me the knowledge and tools to create skin care products that are safe and effective for you and your family.  We also love to provide tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of each product, as most are multi-purpose and can be used for various needs.

We make natural skin care for people who appreciate products that are natural, effective and easy to use while enjoying a splash of whimsical colour on their packaging. Our goal is for our customers to feel comfortable with using our products and know that they are being taken care of.

Education for Pregnancy, New Moms & Parenthood

Balancing from Birth to Baby

About Balancing from Birth to Baby...

Balancing from Birth to Baby offers unique prenatal and postpartum education in the Tri-Cities area. Our focus is delivering evidence based medical information in a balanced and holistic approach. Offering classes in: Traditional prenatal preparation, Natural pain management, Caesarean birth preparation, Baby led weaning and more. Our services are provided by a Registered labour and delivery nurse and a Birthing from Within Childbirth Mentor and Doula.   We share innovative techniques to build your confidence as you enter birth and parenting, no matter what twists and turns your journey may take.

FUN Stuff for Kids

Cheek Squad

About Cheek Squad...

Cheek Squad Face Painting and balloons provides face painting, balloons and belly painting using skin safe, professional, vegan face paints that are easily removed with soap and water. Proudly serving Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding area.