Jenny Stewart

RPN, Certified Labour Doula, Breastfeeding & Childbirth Educator Trained Placenta Specialist Aromatherapy Student

" The only way to do great work is to love what you do" ~ Steve Jobs

I remember loving my profession when I first started - I was a nursing student eager to pursue my dream of skills and caring melded together to create a well-rounded nurse. I spent a summer in Thailand in my graduating year working with indigenous women around pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I began my first nursing position in a rural hospital where I was involved in many different births at many different stages. I loved my job. 

Fast forward a few years later - I'd moved back to the city and began working in health care management. Administration got me away from the politics of nursing. I realized slowly over time that I was no longer passionate about nursing because the system was so dedicated to separating the skills of nursing from the caring of nursing that I felt drained and stressed I couldn't provide more holistic care. I felt this way for quite a long time.

I had struggled with infertility for several years and yet miraculously became pregnant in February of 2016. My focus shifted and I returned to my passion surrounding birth, soaking in all the knowledge I could to aid me in my pregnancy journey and began planning a home birth. I had a wonderful natural birth at home in November and was completely smitten with my new little boy. Almost immediately postpartum I realized how little support there was for new Mothers and how much information is inaccurately thrown out there and how difficult it can be to sift through everything you hear with emotions and hormones raging.

I began blogging, attending Mom and Baby groups and reaching out to other Mothers trying to connect, find support and offer support. This is what awoke the idea of becoming a doula. I realized how passionate about Mothering I am. How much I love to encourage, relieve anxieties and promote positive thinking during pregnancy, around the birthing process and how seriously passionate I am about the labour of love that birth is. 

I am a certified labour and birth doula; I offer support, encouragement, information and love to other women on The Pathway to Motherhood. It's my passion to help other women be as in love with their birth story as I am even when it doesn't turn out the way they planned or hoped for. My desire is to help women through pregnancy and birth so that they can look back with fondness at the moment they met their child. 

Postpartum I offer women support, connection and encourage them to reach out and connect and support other woman as well. I offer 1-2 postpartum visits as well as a 6 week visit for this reason as I found in my own journey that this was when I needed the most support and the traditional support from the medical system ended.

"Whenever and wherever you intend to give birth your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life." ~ Ina May Gaskin

Let me work with you to help you feel supported and empowered through pregnancy, birth and postpartum and to ensure that the experience you remember for the rest of your life is one of beauty.

A Mother, supporting women on their pathway to become Mothers.


Abi Totty

Homeopath BSc (hons). Scared Birth Doula Reiki Master Womb Wisdom Educator

I am a Doula with over 15 years experience, a classically trained Homeopath, Womb Wisdom educator & Reiki Master. My passion for birth-tending began with the birth of my eldest son. It was the most profound spiritual and empowering moment of my life. I was inspired to dive deeper, exploring all aspects of the sacredness of birth and traditional midwifery. With this knowledge, I went on to give birth to 6 more children, one of whom was born in a Yurt whilst living off grid! 

I am particularly interested in gentle traditional ways of handling birth, be it at home, a free birth, or a hospital setting. Women who give birth in an environment where they feel safe, secure and in control, are more likely to labour comfortably and to remember their birth positively.  With its focus on physical signs and symptoms, this can sometimes be lost in the modern medical context. I believe in every woman’s right to have an empowering and dignified birth, whatever her choice of setting is. I offer sessions in birth preparation, my focus is on viewing you the individual, in a holistic and responsive way. When your emotional well being and your intuitive responses are acknowledged, the physiology of the birthing process is well supported and empowered birthing is possible. My role is not to tell you how to give birth but to help you conceptualize the best way for you and your baby, and then to help make that a reality.

Becoming a Doula enabled me to consolidate my vocation in a deeper more intimate way, weaving Homeopathy, Reiki and Womb Wisdom into birth-tending gives me many tools to utilize during the journey from conception to birth. I offer this work without judgement and with the intention to facilitate births that are transforming and dignified. I know that babies born in peaceful circumstances, to informed, conscious parents, have the best chance of growing into healthy adults.

Homeopathy naturally supports women through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. It is safe, non toxic, works very quickly, it is capable of treating deep pathology, as well as emotional distress. It is used by midwives all over the world and in India & parts of Europe it is used routinely in Obstetrics. 

* Police check & Professional References Available Upon Request *


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