Welcome to the Labour Suite

The labour suite has its own private entrance and porch

The labour suite has its own private entrance and porch

What is a Labour Suite?

The labour suite is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath suite completely separate from this heritage home. The labour suite is designed for pregnant women and their families/support systems who live further away from Prince County Hospital than they would prefer. 

Studies show that the longer you labour at home the greater your chances of avoiding unnecessary interventions in the hospital. The Labour Suite provides the opportunity to labour in a home like setting for as long as you prefer while only being approximately 10 minutes from Prince County Hospital. 

The suite also includes a den with satellite TV, Netflix and Wi-Fi, kitchen, dining room and access to a large, lush backyard that is peaceful and private. The Labour Suite is also an excellent option after the baby has been born as a close, peaceful place for your partner/support system to stay.

The Labour Suite private entrance

The Labour Suite private entrance

The Labour Suite is tastefully and simply decorated with birthing affirmations and positive depictions of birth, mothers and babies. The Labour Suite also has many comfort measure tools available for your use such as massage knuckles, massage balls, rebozo, birth ball, snooggle pillow, battery operated candles, diffusers and essential oils to provide a positive, grounding and uplifting atmosphere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! We are very welcoming of pets. If you have a cat or dog that would bring you comfort during labour feel free to bring them! We are happy to help look after them while you are at the hospital as well. Please mention that you have an animal at the time of booking and any care needs you may need our help with. 

Is there parking?

There is free parking available for multiple cars. Cars may be left here overnight if car pooling to the hospital is the most supportive option.

How much does the Labour Suite cost?

If you choose to pre-book the space the nightly rate is $55*. Check-in and check-out times are flexible.

If you call to use the space without pre-booking and the space is available the 24hr period rate, starting from when you arrive, is $85*.

*Prices subject to change based on season and the number of bookings. 

How can I book the Labour Suite?

The Labour Suite can be booked by calling The Pathway Doula Services or emailing us at info@thepathwaydoulasevices.com. Generally you would come and see the space and put your name down for usage around your estimated due date. A refundable deposit is given and a contract for use signed which indicates that if you do not use the space your full deposit is returned to you. At the onset of labour you would call and the space would be made available for you; anytime of the day or night. There are no guarantee that the space will be available as the Labour Suite may be used by any pregnant woman and her family/support system not just our doula clients.

You may pre-book the space to guarantee that the suite will be available for you but you are required to pay for each day that you pre-book whether you choose to use the space or not. 

Please contact us directly if you have further questions or would like to see the space!