Nursing Bra Conversions

Tired of trying on nursing bras and finding they aren’t supportive enough? Or don’t have your size or preferred style? Or perhaps you've had to resort to buying a nursing bra you’ve never tried on before online because of lack of sizes in store and/or selection and styles that suit your body.


Thats the beauty of nursing bra conversion! You simply bring me a bra you already love and that fits you well, or purchase a bra you love that fits you well and I’ll covert it to a nursing bra using The Babe Magnet, a magnetic nursing clasp that increases both the ease of use and security of nursing your little one.


Whether you’re pregnant, newly nursing or nursing into the toddler years its never not a good time to get into a bra that fits and supports you well whatever stage of nursing you’re in.

How it works: Send me an email, Facebook, Instagram message or give me a call to arrange for me to pick up your bra or for you to drop it off, which ever is easier for you. Then viola, in 2-3 days time I’ll connect with you to drop your newly converted nursing bra off to you!

Investment: $20 per conversion.

jenny bf.jpg

Questions? Feel free to reach out, there’s never any obligation! And yes, I do use the babe magnets on my own bras for nursing my own little guy. Mother and doula approved.