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About Us

Midwives and Doulas are trained and experienced professionals that assist new parents during labour, birth and postpartm. Prince Edward Island does not currently have a way of integrating this professional support into our health care system. BORN is dedicated to empowering parents by making the full range of choices available in our communities.

BORN is a community-based group dedicated to exploring birthing options for women in PEI. Currently our members include health practitioners who specialize in maternity care and health consumers. We are midwives, doulas, mothers, caring partners, and concerned citizens and BORN is always happy to welcome new members. As a grass roots organization it is our numbers that give us strength, and allow us to create real and lasting change. BORN is working laterally with government and professionals within the health care system to promote Family Centred Care and to ensure that Islanders receive the quality of care available in other provinces.

It is our belief that a successful birth involves more than simply a healthy baby and mother. Research shows that the long-term personal impact of childbirth on women reveals the importance of the attitudes of care-giving staff and the degree of emotional support they provide. The “Family-Centred Maternity and Newborn Care: National Guidelines” recognizes the importance of the involvement of women and their families in the birth experience:


Increased participation of woman and their families in decisions concerning their pregnancy, birth and early postpartum experiences promotes greater self confidence in caring for children. Building the foundation for nurturing parent child relationships begins befre preganancy, continues through the prenatal period and can exted through the participation of both parents into the birth and care of their infant. Confident and competent parents are a powerful influence in society. Their contribution is critical to the healthy growth and development of their children.
— Family-Centred Maternity and Newborn Care: National Guidelines
The Pathway Doula Services has received no monies or verbal contracts of preferences for doula work on the Island for hosting this website for BORN PEI's Midwifery Advocacy Group. This page was created and is maintained solely on a volunteer basis and in the hope and spirit of furthering our cause of bringing regulated, funded Midwifery to PEI. Please feel free to contact us should you have questions or concerns.