Women’s bodies go through many changes throughout pregnancy - from the beginning the woman’s body will begin to grow and care for the growing fetus. The body will create a new organ that will provide your unborn child with oxygen and nutrition called the placenta. The word placenta originated from the Latin word meaning “cake" -some refer to the placenta as the child’s first birthday cake, as it has given them life. The placenta is a very special organ grown uniquely in your body and is specific to your baby, similar to a fingerprint, not only does it assist in the full development of your baby but the placenta is the only human organ made for one soul purpose and then discarded once this purpose has been fulfilled.

   The placenta acts as a womb mate for your child and the “shush” sound it makes is extremely comforting while your unborn baby is hard at work growing and developing. The placenta has two sides; the maternal and fetal, it is the one and only organ attached to both you and your baby symbolizing your everlasting bond. We offer a variety of services for those whom wish to cherish this beautiful organ including keepsakes and placentphagy, the act of consuming one’s own placenta, to receive the potential benefits.

Placental Keepsakes

Natural blood "love" placenta print

Natural blood "love" placenta print


Placenta Prints (any colour) -$50.00
The method of using natural blood or food grade colouring to imprint the fetal side of the placenta creating the “tree of life” print onto water colour paper.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake’s -$20.00  
The method of shaping the umbilical cord into a wide range of shapes before dehydrating ie. heart shape or a circle for creating a dream catcher.


Includes a placenta print

Vintage tincture bottles

Vintage tincture bottles


Placental Tincture - $60.00
The method of distilling the placenta.

This method allows you to receive the benefits of consuming the placenta long after the capsules are consumed. Due to the process of creating a tincture in alcohol with a small piece of the placenta the beneficial hormones are persevered for long term use. The placental tincture can be used in times of trauma, transition, emotional distress, during monthly menses and menopause to ease your symptoms.