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What is a Doula?

 The word Doula derives from the Greek word meaning “handmaiden” or “a woman who serves.” A Doula is commonly a woman, (yet there recently have been some male Doula’s); that provide support to women during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

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"She is not a friend. She is not a healthcare provider. She is a mother figure of the most ancient kind. Her life experience empowers you. She is a reassuring presence who will always listen to you and support your chosen path. She will remind you of those choices and the reasons you made them when you doubt, are anxious or afraid. She sees you; the real you. Her understanding of your journey supports your self-confidence. She eases your pain with a touch, a word, a look. She is a doula."

What do Doula’s do?

  Doula’s have a variety of tasks; we provide emotional support by continuously being by the mother’s side, we do not change “shifts” and therefore you can be confident knowing we will be with you from pregnancy to postpartum, labour to birth.  We use a wide range of comfort measures during labour - everything from massage and essential oils to rebozo techniques and birthing positions - and use only what works for your specific needs in the moment. Doula’s are trained in childbirth and therefore are a good resource to gain information on topics from pregnancy through to parenthood. A Doula can help to advocate for the mother’s wants and needs by facilitating communication between her and her partner and care providers. We also ensure the parent(s)-to-be are able to make the most informed decision surrounding their birth - regardless of the choices you make, you can be confident knowing we will continue to support you in your chosen pathway. This is YOUR birth story, YOU call the shots; we are there to make the "shot calling" a little easier. 

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What do Doula’s NOT do?

   Although Doula’s are a great addition to your birth team we do not replace medical professionals such as; OBGYN’s, midwives or doctors, we do not diagnose, give medical advice and/or perform any clinical tasks. We do not take over the role of your partner; instead we support them during this journey as well. 

How is a Doula different from a Labour and Delivery Nurse, Midwife or my Partner?

 The Doula is able to provide continuous one on one support to the mother during labour. Nurses and/or midwives have many other responsibilities they need to carry out during the course of a birth and unfortunately their care ends when their shift does.  Doula’s are able to remain with you through out your entire labour and birth whether its 2hrs or 24hrs. Doulas will be with you in your chosen birth environment be it home or hospital. As Doulas we are able to preform the magical dance in either setting to ensure we do not get in the way of medical professionals but instead work with them to maintain comfort and support for you throughout the labour and birthing time. Doulas provide support for partners as well; we can offer evidence based information in time of decision, provide emotional support during difficult moments and encourage/remind them to have much needed bathroom and meal breaks during the labour. Doulas are also able to help partners participate in labour by encouraging them and giving them hands on tasks and comfort measures to help with. 

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