Meet Your BORN Team 

Megan Burnside

Megan has been involved with BORN since 2016. Currently her main roles are to host meetings, plan events and gatherings, liaise with government officials and be the secretary for the organization. Midwifery advocacy work is important for Megan as she sees birth as an important rite of passage in a families life, where those involved deserve choice, empowerment, support and knowledge, which midwives offer. Megan believes that midwifery services can be transformational in the journey of bringing new life into the world. Megan thinks Islanders deserve the knowledge, skills and service that midwives provide and deserve the opportunity to choose the care provider that will best suit their needs. Megan was trained as a DONA birth doula in 2013 and has one child, with another on the way.

Jenny Stewart

Jenny became involved with BORN in December 2017, prior to moving to the province. Currently her main roles are developing social media content, managing the social media accounts, engaging the public, managing the website and assisting with the planning and running of meetings, gatherings and events. Midwifery advocacy work is important to Jenny as she had a home birth in Ontario with Midwives and believes that the service they offer is an essential option for all families. Jenny believes, from first hand experience, in the extra education and time, thorough review of women’s options - including respecting women’s decisions and in the relationship that is build through midwifery and wants to see this as a regulated, funded service available to all women on the Island. Ultimately the women of PEI deserve the option to choose the care provider who will best support them and that includes having Midwives available to Islanders. Jenny has been a RPN in Ontario since 2010, became a certified doula, placenta specialist and breastfeeding and childbirth educator in 2016 and has one child, two cats and a turtle.